Saturday, November 3, 2007

Classical Momsense

This is a Mom's version of the William Tell Overture.... I didn't laugh out loud when I saw it... it was one of those things where my mouth was hanging open in a caricature of a silent laugh and tears were streaming down my face... it was so funny I couldn't even MAKE a sound... maybe that's because my caffeine hadn't kicked in yet... anyways, here it is:

(the hyperlink feature isn't working... you'll have to cut and paste it into your browser)


Jen's Journey said...

Loved it!!!! ~Screaming my gratitude~

Donetta said...

Happy thanksgiving. Funny!

Jo said...

Absolutely hilarious! Really helps us laugh at the day-to-day rituals (and sometimes "trials") of motherhood!
Happy Thanksgiving!
- Jo

Christine H said...

I wish she would make one for teachers! "Where's you're homework - it was due yesterday. You can't go on the field trip if your mom didn't pay.

Stop talking, stop running, stop pushing, stop shoving, stop lying, stop crying, stop pretending you're dying..."