Tuesday, October 13, 2009

National Day on Writing

October 20th is the National Day on Writing.  I just submitted my entry to the gallery for one of the colleges where I teach.  It is a poem I wrote when my son was two years old.

Twenty-Six Months

with your mosquito bites and bruises
and crew cut
Long limbs folded around Big Bird
curled against cheeks
That aren’t as chubby as they used to be

Still you want me to lie down with you
An ally in your fight against sleep
But I am your ally in a different way
Fighting my own war against your charms
As you wriggle and giggle and tell me
that you love me

How I cherish every kiss
Every affectionate butt of your head
Every “Night-night Mosah!”
Until you finally succumb

Will you still like me this much
When you are older?

I doubt it

So for now let me soak in the feeling of your body
Curled against mine
The weight of your cheek
On my cheek
The sweaty warmth of your head
Jammed under my chin

Fighting my own war
Against your charms

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