Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I just finished rewriting an important section of my first chapter. I decided to add a scene from the female protag's point of view, since the current version doesn't have her POV until Chapter Three. I was in serious doubt whether I could make it work, as the section flows so well as written. But I think my characters, once again, have risen to the occasion and surpassed my expectations.

I am also amazed at how suddenly she has taken on a whole new dimension. Jeannie Campbell (The Character Therapist) talks about our characters having layers like onions. Wow, have I got some onions!

Anyway, I can't resist posting a passage I really like from this morning's work. My female protag is falling asleep, but trying desperately not to, during a Midwinter feast that is supposed to last all night. I love it when character's minds do funny things.

Guests drifted here and there, settling down in little flocks to smoke or talk or doze. Marenya leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes, then jerked them open, then felt them slide shut again. She mustn’t fall asleep. She must stay awake to see the sun rise. She must stay awake to see the surprise. The sun’s eyes. The birds had settled all around her with a great murmuring, waiting for the morning.

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