Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Virtual Tea Party

Spring has burst upon us like confetti.  Suddenly the trees are decorated with green dots of leaves, and the cherries and dogwoods with white and pink petals.  My flower border is a jumble of yellow daffodils, red tulips and pink and purple hyacinths.  We have long, warm evenings - at last!

And naturally I feel like celebrating.  When I was a member of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) we had a spring tea every year.  Now that I have graduated to the post-preschooler level, I don't get to go to that tea because apparently I am no longer in need of emotional support.  They must think I am HIATByN  (Have It All Together By Now). Ha!

So, I thought I'd have a virtual tea party.  Bring your favorite brew (coffee, tea, or other) and a little snack to share, and let's chat.  I have made a pot of Darjeeling and some mini-quiches, cucumber sandwiches and zucchini-raisin bread.

Tea anyone? How is life going for you?  Anything good, anything bad, any wishes or hopes?

My biggest headache right now is that my husband got into a fender bender, which will probably result in some not so minor repair bills.  The other driver hit him when he stopped for an approaching fire truck.  The other driver's insurance company is represented by a class-A grouch who was extremely rude to DH when he called about the claim. Not only that, she was so belligerent to the rep from our insurance company who also tried to talk to her, that our rep had to hang up on her.  DH, who has no stomach for this kind of thing, wants to pay the deductible and let our insurance handle it, but I am unwilling to sacrifice that much money just because of that woman's poor behavior, nor risk getting dropped when it's time to renew our policy. I am going to be hitting the phones tomorrow to try to get some results, but I'm not looking forward to it.

So, I hope this works out so that we can avoid paying a deductible. 

Some people are so unnecessarily rude, aren't they?  It makes things so much more difficult than they need to be.  Perhaps I should send that woman a copy of "Emma" to read.  Jane Austen always makes me quite ashamed of my manners.


Marcia said...

I'm sorry someone else's icky behavior means such an unpleasant to-do list for you. Do I love the photo of that table! As for spring, last week we had 77 degrees. Today we have 2" of snow.

Christine H said...

Two inches of snow! That's crazy. Have a cup of tea and warm up. Would you like a cucumber sandwich as well? Or would you prefer quiche?

Michelle Gregory said...

thanks for the virtual invite. i'll bring some Pepperidge Farms Mint Milanos.

Michelle Gregory said...

and i'll try to not talk about writing.

Christine H said...

Oh, Michelle, I love those! And you can talk about writing if you want to. Whatever is on your mind!

How are the revisions going? I was considering participating in the Last Line Blogfest next month, but since I'm notorious for not finishing things, I'm not sure I'll have a "last line" to enter. Although, it could be a chapter ending rather than a book or story ending.

But my favorite chapter ending is a huge spoiler.

Michelle Gregory said...

revisions - hmmmm, i'm at 59,000 revised words. woohoo! i'll have to look into the last line blog fest. i'm sure i'll read about it on numerous blogs. not sure if i have a chapter ending that won't give things away either.

Christine H said...

Michelle, the blogfest is here: Last Line Blogfest