Friday, April 8, 2016

The Mind Is Like A Wild Elephant

The Seeker and Shaman Woman were reviewing the events of the day. "Worrying makes my life hell, Shaman Woman," said the Seeker. "Why can't I control my mind?"
"Your mind is like a wild elephant that you must master," said the Shaman as she handed the Seeker his tea. "When you tether the elephant, it flaps its ears, slaps its tail, and tries to run away."
"That's just what my mind does. It runs wild whenever I try to control it," the Seeker said. "What should I do when it runs away, Shaman Woman?"
"Don't scold the elephant for running." answered the Shaman. "Simply grab the chain and pull the elephant back. Again and again the elephant will run away. Again and again you must pull it back. Eventually, the elephant will be tamed when it learns that you are the master.
"Then you will have great power because once tamed, both elephants and minds will work for you.”

~ Author unknown

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