Monday, February 2, 2009

Central Casting

It's kind of fun to "cast" the characters of my novel for the "movie version." I know who they are in my head, but it's a challenge to come up with the right actors to play them.

Faldur has always been Hugh Jackman. He has a very Faldur-like expression on his face here... not giving anything away.

Mel has always been Jason O'Mara. (aka Fergal from Monarch of the Glen.)

Pelwyn is Carey Mulligan, from the PBS Masterpiece productions "Bleak House" and "Northanger Abbey." You may have also seen her on Dr. Who.

And, after much thought, I decided that Marenya should be Anna Paquin, who played opposite Jackman in "X-Men" as Rogue. I really liked the subtle chemistry between them. She was my first choice, and I realize now it was an instinctive one. It's amazing how similar she looks to Carey Mulligan, which I didn't realize until I put the photos up here, but their resemblence is a key plot point in the novel.

Cirian Hinds has to be in this. I don't know how, but he does. I wanted so much to put him in a good guy role, but I can't help thinking that no one could play Synedd as sympathetically as he could. I really intended him originally as King Elmoran, Mel's father. Let's keep him there for now.

Here's an idea... let's put Mel Gibson in as Synedd. He does crazy really well, and has the voice to go with the role. Even without being able to use his eyes (Synedd is blind) he could do this guy perfectly, and would be a terrific foil for Hinds' sympathetic portrayal of Elmoran. I like it!

I also really want Mark Strong in this as the grasping Lord Chalmeth. He does good guys and bad guys equally well.

For the battle-hardened Lord Tarnbel, Pelwyn's father, I think I would use Daniel Craig. And I want Jodie Foster as the Queen.

And, of course, Nighfala would have to play herself.

P.S. I almost forgot!!! Lloyd Owen as Lt. Harth. (aka Paul from Monarch of the Glen.) See the male-to-female ratio? That's intentional. (LOL!)

Sean Bean!!! Where's Sean Bean??? I need him, too. If Daniel Craig's not available, he could be the stern and mighty Tarnbel.

And Karl Urban (aka Eomer.)

So many actors, so little time. I'll have to save some for the sequel. (Notice how most these guys are wearing black for their head shots? Maybe they think it makes them look thinner. ???)


Michelle Gregory said...

the best thing is --- we don't have to interview them, listen to them read the part, or pay them!

love the black panther.

Christine H said...

I would *love* to listen to these guys read the part... c'mon Michelle!!! hee hee.

Wendi said...

Love Anna Paquin..great choice!! They all seem to be great but she's one of the few I recognize and could comment on..she's awesome. Hugh and she would be a great team!!!!! Mark Strong is cool too! Wait..Tasha isn't Nighfala?? (ha)