Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back in the flow

I stopped trying to do publishing-related stuff yesterday and went back to just working on the story itself, which is much more satisfying. I'm past 52,000 words in the new draft, which is well past the halfway point. And I think I may have beaten the problem in Chapter 31. I had an inspiration this morning and put in a new scene. We'll see.

More mundane tasks rule my week... but the book will still be there, waiting.

I was watching "Lost in Austen" today while grading papers. My, that was a head spinner! The implications of changing plot points were seriously highlighted. I wonder if I would like to be lost in Gryphon? That's a bit scary. Kind of like being lost in Middle Earth. Only if I've got a magic ring, thank you very much, or get transformed into an elf.


Myra said...

I tivo's Lost in Austen today! I was sleeeeeepy and wanted to pay attention. I can think of several worlds I wouldn't mind being lost in!

Mrs. Hardy said...

I watched the whole thing twice while grading papers yesterday. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I thought it would be bad, but they handled the concept very well. The references to Colin Firth were hysterical. Enjoy it when you finally get to watch it!