Monday, January 4, 2010

The Writer's Hole Has Moved

The Writer's Hole has moved to its own url:  And I've found a totally awesome template.  You've got to see it!

Please join me at the new address.

P.S. I have spent way, way, WAY too much time today fooling around with blog templates and backgrounds, trying to get just the right look.  Apparently, my monitor is too old and/or small to get the full benefit of these fancy backgrounds, so I had to pick some with narrower margins.  I apologize if this blog (and the other) look too fussy to You Who Have Technology.  I'm just seeing the very edges of the designs. But boy was it fun playing around with them!

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Lynnette Labelle said...

Hi, Christine. I'm not sure if this is the blog you want me to comment on, but here we go... Send me an e-mail with WOW as the subject so I know it's not spam. Then, I'll send you the details about our writers' support group and how you can join. My addy is: lynnette_labelle at hotmail dot com.

Lynnette Labelle