Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beat the Winter Blahs

Let's play a game, and see how far it can go.  List ten things that make you happy.  Post them on your blog, with a link to it in the comment section below.  Or, just mention that your blog is on your blogger profile.

Ten Things that Make Me Happy

1. Sleepy hugs from my son
2. A warm beagle
3. A really good cup of coffee
4. Finding a gem I needed in Webkinz World (I finally found the lemon drop today!)
5. Writing a passage in my novel that even I have to admit is good
6. When the seeds I planted in a tiny pot on the windowsill finally sprouted today
7. A really gorgeous blue jay or cardinal at the bird feeder
8. When a student says they love my class, or want to know if I'm teaching another class they need to take
9. Sleeping in
10. Being around other couples.  DH and I go out so rarely, it's really wonderful to have a "grown up" evening.

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