Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Gonna Get My Laptop!!!

Woo-hoo!!! I am so excited.  I'm going to get my laptop.  Finally!!!!  Praise the Lord, I can have my OWN computer to write my novel... just for me and nobody else to use.  Hallelujah!

I really feel blessed.  Several opportunities have arisen for me to earn some side money, and I just logged on to my credit card's rewards website (which I've never bothered to check before) and found out I had a nice chunk of change waiting to be redeemed there, too.  So when I add that to the birthday money my family gave me last year, and counting up the coins in my Laptop Fund jar, I should have enough for a modest machine.

Now, what kind to get?  Suggestions?


Blee Bonn said...

WOW! That is exciting and I am so happy for you!

I'm not sure what to recommend though but I say shop, shop, shop around and compare! I'm sure you'll do that. :)

Tell us all about it when you get it!

Michelle Gregory said...

hooray for you!! whooping and hollering all the way over here in Mesa, AZ. maybe you can hear me. i love my HP Pavilion because it fits my small hands. have fun choosing.

Christine H said...

I have long fingers, Michelle. I need a big keyboard. LOL! But I hear HP's are good.

Marcia said...

With a blog title like "Christine's Cottage," I'm in. :)We got our son a Dell laptop for college that was around $500-600. I specifically asked him if he felt the keyboard was big enough for a guy's hands, and he said yes.

Christine H said...

Hi Marcia, thanks so much for stopping by. I have a Dell PC which I am happy with, so I'm looking at Dell laptops as well. I think I'm probably getting an Inspiron 14 with a six-cell battery, which should last about 5.5 hours. They are $599, but I also have to buy Microsoft Home in order to get Word 2007, so that's another hundred bucks. Sheesh. I already have a copy, but it's installed on the PC and I guess you can't use it twice.

It's a little difficult to think of spending $700 on myself. Or on my writing. If I buy this, I'm going to feel obligated to try to publish a.s.a.p. to justify the expense.

Why couldn't I have taken up knitting? LOL!