Saturday, June 5, 2010

Protecting Your Border

I know: Write first, blog later.  But I just had to put up a photo of my flower border.  It's not too big, but it has been a labor of love for the last six years or so.

Gardening is always challenging and changing, as plants grow bigger or die back and have to be pruned or replaced accordingly.  Not unlike stories.

Anyway, mine seems to be in the midst of getting eaten by I know not what.  All the plants close to the ground, especially the dahlia and the marigolds, have lacy holes in their leaves.  Pest control is not my forte.  I put things in the ground and water them, but am clueless about diseases and bugs.  Other than buying the cheapest toxic compound I can find at Home Depot and spraying my plants with it, do you guys have any suggestions?

I did try the "dish of beer on the ground" to kill slugs a few years back.  All that happened was that some flying insects died with a "buzz."

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