Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mother to Another

I was looking through the files on my hard drive, trying to clear off some space, and came across a number of short devotional articles that I wrote several years ago for our MOPS newsletter, as well as some other scribblings. So I decided to pull some of those up and share them here.

This is my favorite, a poem I wrote for my son when he was first born.

Mother to Another

I’m a mother to another
Precious thought! A mother, I?
Tiny creature
like a birdling
Hungry mouth and small, bright eyes.

I’m a mother to another
How my heart leaps to the sky!
Settle softly, tiny nestling
Feel my heartbeat
Cuddle by

I’m a mother to another
My world flutters on your sigh
Gently drowsing
Deeply breathing
Slowly closing
Small, bright eyes

(c) Christine Hardy 2002

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