Sunday, January 18, 2009

Questions for my Test Readers

Dear Readers,
I have some questions for your regarding my book. Here they are:

1. Did the shift in point-of-view from Faldur to Marenya at the very beginning of the book bother you?

2. Do you think that Marenya's introduction, regarding the clothes in front of the fire and hiding in the closet, make you take her less seriously?

3. Does Faldur seem more like a leading man or a sidekick, and do you like him enough to want them to get together in the end?

4. In the first version, Gorrith died rather than just being badly hurt. Do you think I should kill him?

5. Does the party scene in the forest seem totally borrowed from C.S. Lewis? I think, subconsciously, it might be and am thinking of cutting out the whole thing, or at least seriously altering it.

6. Does Brambleburr seem too ridiculous?

7. Do the haggiths seem ridiculous?

8. I think there is a serious problem in the beginning, with the whole set-up for leaving Glenhym without Pelwyn's father. I wanted to separate her from the father figure early on, which is why I set that up. The danger - Chalmeth's threats - is great enough to keep him home, but apparently not great enough to concern him too much with Pelwyn's safety on the road. My idea was that this is a very chivalrous society; we are not talking about barbaric humans in the middle ages, but Hanorja who are kind of like sophisticated hobbits. However, the whole thing rings false to me.
Any ideas on how to handle that?

9. Do the phrases in Hanorjan add to, or detract from, your enjoyment of the story?

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll think of some more later. Thank you so much!

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