Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank you, President Bush

I watched your speech in Midland last night and was just so glad to see that you and Laura are home again. You seemed so relaxed and happy to be back on Texas soil. I have prayed for you for eight long years, and still get choked up when I realize how different things would have been if the 2000 election had come out differently... it was all hanging by a thread. But I truly believe that God put the best man in place to handle what was to come, for only He knew it was coming.

My husband and I have cherished your Christmas cards and the invitations to the inaugurals. I feel that Laura has been the most gracious, stately, warm and lovely First Lady in my lifetime. Your choice of her as your life's partner speaks volumes, as does her choice of you.

I know that you have borne an incredible burden; I have watched you age much more than eight years while in office. You have been slandered and reviled while in office as I believe no other president ever has in our whole history, and you have carried yourself with a dignity and humility that puts your detractors to shame. You have been the best ambassador of hope and peace our country could have had in these hostile times, have done more for minorities than any other president, and have diligently and tirelessly protected our country from attack for more than seven long years. You removed from power one of the most repulsive, evil dictators the world has ever known, while conducting the most civilian-friendly war the world has ever known.

I pray now that you will be protected from the persecution of your enemies, both afar and at home, and be able to enjoy the long-deserved rest and honor of your labors.

May God bless you and Laura richly.

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History and awakenings will judge this man differently . . . but if not, I am grateful to share in this prayer with you.