Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can you say it in one sentence?

I was looking at writing books on Amazon, and found a really killer "inside peek" of a book on screenwriting that totally nails how to do a one-liner description. It's called Save The Cat: The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need by Blake Snyder.

What he says is to think of how you would pitch your story in one sentence to friends who are looking in the newspaper for a movie to see on Friday night. This is called a "logline." For example:

A businessman falls in love with the hooker he hires to be his date for the weekend. - Pretty Woman

A cop comes to LA to visit his estranged wife and her office building is taken over by terrorists - Die Hard.

He also says how important irony is - all these situations are ironic in some way.

So after reading this I thought,

Well, heck then, my logline is:

A Ranger has to rescue the girl he's secretly in love with, after she puts herself in danger to protect him.

(insert gratuitous photo of Hugh Jackman here -----> )


Michelle Gregory said...

of course - you and Kristal, always looking for reasons to put in a picture of Hugh. If you want classic Hugh, did you know that Australia is out on dvd now? There's one scene in there you'll really appreciate that involves Hugh with no shirt and a bucket of water.

Christine H said...

Yes, we saw it On Demand.


But, the reason this photo is up is that he really is my casting choice for Faldur.