Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random Thoughts about Getting Published

Over the past few weeks, I've visited a lot of writing and agent blogs, and learned a lot about the publishing industry. I just finished the "Be an Agent for a Day" contest over at Nathan Bransford's blog. Initially, I was disappointed that my query wasn't chosen, but after seeing all those wonderfully polished, professional query letters I am glad mine wasn't picked. I would have been so embarrassed!

I have to say that all of the information I'm learning, although extremely helpful, is also making me feel discouraged about my own project. If I hadn't gotten so far already, and if I weren't writing because I feel compelled to, I would probably give up now.

The competition is so fierce, and there are so many better writers out there, and my time is so limited, that I'm feeling strongly tempted to just self-publish my book and give it to relatives for Christmas. I just can't see how anyone can get published these days unless you have something totally fresh, new and different with absolutely killer writing. And I'm not vain enough to think I have it.

But, I do have some very pretty pansies.


Mitch Wallace said...

First of all, I forbid you to be down on your writing. You've got good stuff! I think it's only natural to read what other people have written and immediately think it's better than what WE have, simply because it's outside of ourselves, you know?

Yeah, you may have read some stuff that's well-put-together and "original" (whatever THAT word means, if it's even real - everyone's copying SOMEONE!) but just remember this: You're the only one who can write your stories. I don't think it's a matter of who's "better". If you've taken the risk to write it, someone out there is going to want to read it.

And if you do self-publish, I'd love to get a copy! So finish that book!

fatcaster said...

Hi, Christine --

Thank you for your kind words about query #20 (that's me) in Nathan's contest.

You are on my list and when I get In The Driver's Seat between covers and into an audio book/
e-book/Kindle edition/etc., I'll be honored to let you know.

p.s -- I loved differential and integral calculus!

Thanks again. Safe trip. I like your blog and I'm going to look around when I get a bit of free time.

Marc Mayfield / Grass Valley, CA

Marenya said...
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Michelle Gregory said...

i'll echo what Mitch said.

you forgot one thing about getting published - everything is about profit and very few publishers care if it's a story people need to hear. the bottom line is "will it sell?" that being said, leave the project with God and let him decide what should be done with it.

btw, nice pansies.

Christine H said...

Thanks, Mitch! You made me laugh.

Fatcaster - Nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to visit any time. I've been neglecting the blog since I joined Facebook, but am starting to do more here again.

Hey there, Michelle! Nice to "see" you. :)

(Okay, so I'm not TOTALLY off the Internet. It's more like weaning, really. Gradually prying the fingers of my mind loose from blogging and FB.)

Fresh Water Mermaids said...

Thanks to your link, I have discovered I am a Canna.

Christine H said...

Dear FWM,
I'm very glad to hear it! We need more tall, sensual flowers around here.