Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coming out of the fog

It's official. I haven't worked on the book for three days now. The fog in my brain is starting to clear.

I have thought about writing, talked about writing, and even taken my characters over to Come In Character, where Marenya went to Las Vegas, Faldur had an emotional breakdown, and Nighfala spoke for the first time. But I haven't actually written.

It feels good. I am starting to feel free of this horrible pressure that has been weighing on me for so long. When I do go back to it, I think I'll be able to tackle it from a new perspective.


Mitch Wallace said...

Good to hear it Christine! I've got some of that fog in my head as well.

Christine H said...

"Damn" is right! I was thinking as I was driving home from my night class tonight that it's like I've been freed from a brain-sucking jellyfish. The toxins are finally starting to clear from my system.

I am almost all caught up with schoolwork, and starting to get caught up at home as well.

"My name is Christine and I am a recovering novelist."

Michelle Gregory said...

recovering? oh no. it sounds like an addiction or a disease. but do i really want to recover?

glad the fog is clearing or the jelly fish has left... or whatever.