Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Faldur: Character of the Week

The hero of my work in progress, Faldur, has been selected as Character of the Week over at Come In Character. Tune in on Friday to meet Faldur and take part in the discussion at CIC.

He's not looking forward to it, because he doesn't care much for being the center of attention, but he can't refuse a request from a lady, especially sweet, kindly Mrs. Fettleston - last week's character - who chose him for the job. So he will do his best to rise to the occasion and do his duty faithfully, as always.

I wonder what the other characters have in store for him? Should be interesting!


Pam Halter said...

Sounds great! I'll try to remember to check it out. I have a court appearance for the guardianship proceedings for my autistic daughter that day. I'm sure my mind will be busy, but I do want to meet Faldur!

Christine H said...

Oh my, Pam! I hope it goes well.

bunnygirl said...

Just wanted you to know I had a great time at Faldur's "featured character" day. I think you and I were both in the zone there for awhile with our characters. I was kind of disappointed it had to end!

Christine H said...

Thanks, Ann! I was really enjoying myself, too... perhaps a little too much. I am going to have to make myself do some actual writing for a change, and not just playing.

It was a really fun day, though! I think my characters finally figured out that Ricky actually wants to be with Kalila, despite all the whining.

I think you said "Maelstrom" is being published. That's fabulous news! When?