Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fortune Cookie

Thanks to Laura Martone's post on fortune cookies, I've had a hankering for them this week. So yesterday I got Chinese food for lunch and ordered extra fortune cookies. This morning I am having a cup of tea and a couple of cookies.

The first one said, "Your mind is filled with new ideas." I hope that is prophetic, because I don't feel very filled with ideas at the moment.

The second one said, "Everything is possible, just not so probable." Now this I love! I teach statistics, and I am going to use that in my classes today. No, not today because we aren't discussing probability yet. But when we get to that topic, I will.

Truly, that is statistics in a nutshell. Any random event can happen, but the probability of a certain event depends upon the parameters of the situation.



Regina Milton said...

That second one is true...and funny. I think you should go with the 1st one for today though.

I need a cookie that said "Your ideas will soon be organized." because I really need to organize them and pick the next one that I want to write about.

Bane of Anubis said...

That second one's kind of a killjoy, isn't it? My wife got me a giant fortune cookie for a b-day gift a few years back -- one of the coolest gifts I've received, though it didn't last very long ;)

Laura Martone said...

I love both of these, Christine... plus the "Chance favors the prepared mind" one from yesterday. These all seem very positive and realistic for a writer.

Apparently, you will soon be filled with new ideas for your current stories (or another one as yet unrealized), and although every path is possible, the probability of success will increase if you are open to it!

Auspicious indeed!

Christine H said...

Well, Bane, it depends on what events you are considering as probability outcomes. Winning the lottery - that's a bummer. Getting killed by terrorists - I'm happy to leave that in the "improbable" category.

How "giant" is a giant fortune cookie? Did you have a gallon of green tea to dunk it in?

Christine H said...

Regina ~ LOL! My whole life is disorganized. I would like to be on one of those TV shows where they clean out your whole house and organize it for you.

What a fun project to have, though... organizing your creative ideas!

Pam Halter said...

While getting our stories published falls in the not probable category, thankfully there are things we can do to raise our chances; network, workshops, conferences, books, writing groups and write, write, write.

If we keep going and don't give up, the odds will swing in our favor and that glorious email or letter will arrive one day saying, yes, we would love to publish your book!