Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm in Love!!!

Meet Zeke, our new dog. He is a beagle-dachshund mix and just the sweetest little 1-yr-old ever. He's even quiet. He only barks when he wants our (or Teddy, the older dog's) attention. Somebody must be really missing this little guy. He was a stray and never claimed at the pound. I can't imagine why.

He's doing pretty well right now. Our main problem is the crate. He doesn't mind being crated, but there isn't any room in the master bedroom for it, so I have him in the office. He hates being separated from his new "pack," especially since we've been keeping him "tied on" with a leash all the time. Last night he was carrying on so much, clawing the cage, that I was afraid he'd hurt himself. So I went in and lay down on the guest bed in that room. He settled down right away. I guess I'll be sleeping with the "baby" until he gets used to the arrangements. I told my husband it's just like when Jeff was transitioning to from the crib to the twin bed and I had to lie down with him until he fell asleep.

I'm not really a dog person; I've always preferred cats. But I've fallen in love with this one. He's one lucky guy... and so are we. So far, he and Teddy are getting along pretty well. Ted doesn't seem jealous. He just wants Zeke to leave him alone, which is difficult since Zeke desperately wants Ted to play with him. In the photo on the right, Teddy actually picked up on of the balls as if to say "go ahead, kid, make my day!"

However, Jeffrey really enjoys throwing balls for Zeke to catch. Yesterday Jeff had a friend over, and the two boys tuckered the doggy out, which is when I took this photo:

Zeke's motto: If you've got the ball, I've got the time!


bunnygirl said...

He's a cute dog! I'm more of a cat (and rabbit) person myself because dogs tend to be high maintenance. But I also believe that there really is no better animal than a well-behaved dog. A properly trained dog can trump a cat every time.

Laurel said...

Delighted for all! Rescue dogs make great pets...they seem to "get" it. He is adorable.